Ater Tumti means “Bring Heaven on Earth” and was born from the vision of its founder Giuseppina Auriemma: a continuous inspiration, a perfect geometric harmony from which everything that surrounds us originates, a surprising beauty, an overwhelming reality. The Geometry of the World becomes intuition for the creation of unique, exclusive garments with a strong personality, to celebrate the splendor, charm and elegance of feminine geometry. Every single garment is designed and tailored in the beautiful city of Naples, through the use of certified fabrics in full respect of the environment. A.T. chooses to contribute to the creation of bamboo forests, an initiative aimed at combating pollution and climate change for a better future through responsible purchasing choices. A starting point, we, as women want to portray a message: “Bring Heaven On Earth“.


Ater Tumti aims to concretely contribute, together with its customers, in the possibility of a better future through its creations, in a perfect combo between fashion and sustainability.


Ater Tumti wants to be the beginning of a transformation, which arises from a deep love of Nature and a total trust in Women, through a sophisticated design, which celebrates the female universe and its exaltation.


Ater Tumti was born from an awareness deeply rooted in the heart of its founder: it is no longer possible to do business at the expense of the planet. The brand tells a story of ability and competence, of emotional and cultural baggage that distinguishes Neapolitan manufacturing, with an eye towards the future. It is a story of how artisanal heritage combined with innovation can give life to a revolution, a change in which women are pioneers and spokespersons of a message of strength and hope.


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