Sustainability is a distinctive and fundamental element for the Brand and for its customers: Ater Tumti chooses to allocate part of the proceeds to the creation of bamboo forests, which have a positive environmental impact for our generation and for those to come.

OXYGEN 35% more than a normal tree plant (1 hectare of bamboo produces 1/3 more oxygen than 1 hectare of wood)

CO2 sequestration of CO2 36 times higher than a normal tree plant


  • Pollution: 1 hectare of bamboo absorbs about 17 tons of carbon dioxide, with 35% more oxygen than 1 hectare of trees.
  • Fine Dust Filtering: Its leaves have filtering properties and act as a magnet by capturing and intercepting the micro particles of dust.
  • Hydrogeological risk: Being an extremely rustic plant, bamboo is able to adapt to even the most difficult and at risk soils, in fact it has a root system that keeps the soil compact, braking erosion by water, preventing landslides.
  • Phytoremediation: Bamboo has the ability to absorb and transform contaminants making them less toxic and can be used for the remediation of contaminated water, soils, and sediments.
  • Windbreak Barrier: Bamboo is an evergreen, fast growing, easily adaptable, with a robust root system and very good flexibility and therefore has all the properties to be used successfully as a windbreak.


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