The ‘Ater Tumti’ creations have the incredible value that tailoring has for those who choose it. Everything comes to life by following every single step with care and loving dedication, including paper patterns, needle, thread and a production aimed at a product that is worth as a collector’s item to be admired.


Ater Tumti realizes its creations, using certified fabrics of excellent quality, ensuring transparency of the entire production cycle. The brand’s goal is to create garments that last over time and are not harmful to our health.

The fabrics eco-friendly and made from post-consumer materials, such as fishing nets, industrial plastic, plastic bottles.
This product uses recycled material that would otherwise end up as waste. This helps reduce the demand for raw materials and preserve natural resources.


The textile industry is the second most polluting in the world, both from the point of view of production and disposal. In addition, the real problem is often the unsold.

Ater Tumti chooses a production on demand, far from those production formats that have a decisive role in the disastrous environmental impact due to overproduction.


Ater Tumti testifies to Italian craftsmanship, identified with the concept of Made in Italy which represents aesthetic sense, product uniqueness, deep-rooted tradition and bond with the territory. The Brand wants to convey authenticity, proximity, care for people, resilience, all values that are the result of a real know-how and are part of a long history that distinguishes Italian manufacturing in the world.


Natural and eco-sustainable fabrics, respectful of the environment. The “green” challenge in this sector plays a decisive role at the environmental level. The reason is simple: water consumption and emissions which risk being “improper” for the production of fabrics if we don’t pay attention when choosing items capable of reducing pollution.


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